by Simon Hialta

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This album was recorded between June 16th and June 30th of 2011 and is the handiwork of an impossibly naïve daydream believer, who loves the guitar and tales of better tomorrows almost as much as the djembe-drum and tales of tragic downfall. In the Rainbowlands, nothing is as it seems and the journey is the destination.


released July 13, 2011

All vocals: Simon Hjaltason

All instruments: Simon Hjaltason, except for the drum-programming on Rainbowlands (Joel Hjaltason) and on She (para Vania) (Daniel Hjaltason)

All songs written by Simon Hjaltason

All lyrics written by Símon Hjaltason, except for Chip-chop (traditional) and Sulamit (from Song of Songs)

All arrangements: Símon Hjaltason

Engineering: Símon, Daniel and Joel Hjaltason

Mixing: Simon, Daniel and Joel Hjaltason



all rights reserved


Simon Hialta Reykjavík, Iceland

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Track Name: Metus
I take the shape of coming blows
From imaginary foes
You and everybody knows
I‘m right behind every door you close

I draw a shade of misery
Over your periphery
So that all you see is me
Never a moment of certainty

Life is a dream of golden skies
Life is a stream passing you by
As you lie shaking with me


I raid your every breathing urge
Upon your mind I am a scourge
Until you see the truth emerge:
I‘ve turned your whole life into a dirge

Life is a dream of golden skies
Hold in the scream and live the lie
Empty yourself, come to me
Track Name: Chip-chop
Under the spreading chestnut-tree
Where I knelt upon my knee
We were as happy as can be
Under the spreading chest-nut tree

Oranges and lemons – say the bells of St. Clemens
You owe me five farthings – say the bells of St. Martins
When will you pay me – say the bells of Old Bailey
When I grow rich – say the bells of Shoreditch

Here comes the candle to light you to bed
Here comes the chopper to chop off your head

Under the spreading chestnut-tree
I sold you and you sold me
There lie they and here lie we
Under the spreading chestnut-tree
Track Name: Súlamít
Undir eplatrénu vakti ég þig,
þar fæddi móðir þín þig með kvöl.
Undir eplatrénu vakti ég þig,
þar fæddi með kvöl sú er þig ól.

Snú þér við, snú þér við, Súlamít!
Snú þér við, snú þér við, svo að vér fáum séð þig.

Legg mig sem innsiglishring við hjarta þér,
sem innsiglishring við armlegg þinn,
því að elskan er sterk eins og dauðinn
og ástríðan hörð eins og hel.

Snú þér við, snú þér við, Súlamít!
Snú þér við, snú þér við, svo að vér fáum séð þig.

Blossar hennar eru eldblossar,
logi hennar brennandi,
mikið vatn getur ekki slökkt elskuna
og árstraumar ekki drekkt henni.
Track Name: Rainbowlands
Butterflies dance on flowers
Dripping morning-dew
There I lay still for hours
Listening to you

I can find in this hollow
All that I hold dear
But none can see, none can follow
The paths that lead me here

Hell is so overrated
Let the bridges burn
Out of dust I’m created
But I shall not return

Home sweet home
The bright green meadow
Home sweet home
Away from shadow
Track Name: Rain On My Grave
I will bury my hands in the soil
Pulling out the product of my toil
As the bugles of the lords resound
I won‘t let them take me down

I‘ll proudly stand and raise my hands
Here I will stay until it rains
Rains on my grave

I will never bow to the god‘s of gold
I won‘t let my sons be bought and sold
As the lords ride in to take us all
I will fight them ‘til I fall

I will not rest at their behest
Until the day I hear the rain
Rain on my grave

I call upon the moon and sun
To hide away and let it rain
Rain on my grave
Track Name: Crown of Thorns
Who you are nobody knows
Underneath a pile of clothes
Avoiding February‘s claws
Steam in every breath you draw

How far back does your memory go?
How long have you been torn?
Who knew that you could fall so low?
Does anybody mourn?
Who gave you your crown of thorns?

Some are young and others old
But every passer-by is cold
Paying very little heed
To the hurdles in the street

Who ladles out your daily bread?
Who staples you with scorn?
Who‘ll cry for you when you are dead?
Who cried when you were born?
And who gave you your crown of thorns?

Down the beaten path I go
The street of Edgar Allan Poe
Track Name: Island
In my memory you exist
As an island in the mist
Where the siren-lullaby
And a peaceful I reside

In my memory you remain
As a galaxy of pain
Violent frost on every star
Why were you so far away?

You’re an island in the sea
Which I will seek eternally
Track Name: Fairy Jane
Twilight Tom is in the sky now
With Fairy Jane and all the clouds
As they leave you lift an eyebrow
And all alone you think aloud

Fairy Jane
It‘s not the same

Lazy fish lay in the water
Listening to simple thought
The only thing they ever taught her
Was ‘never fear the voice of God’

Fairy Jane
It‘s not the same

I saw her
Dancing on a mountain-top in November
And from her brow
A crimson star illuminated all around
I can’t remember why or how

Fairy Jane
It’s not the same

Enola Gay
Looks like rain
Track Name: Come Out & Play
Life is new in the spring-time breezes
Feel its scent as I pass through
Why have you made a burden of Jesus in you?
In and out of bad situations
I have never believed in
What you might call a purification within

It’s a sunny day
Throw a smile my way
You don’t have to be right, just come out and play

I have seen when the card-house crumbles
And the tears of the builder
Finding roses in asphalt-jungles is tough
But in the songs made of Hallelujah
And in everything living
There’s that something that makes your heart want to sing

It’s a sunny day
Throw a smile my way
You don’t have to be right, just come out and play

Don’t worry about tomorrow
Each day has enough of its own
You may be a mess of sorrow
But you never have to be alone
Track Name: She (para Vania)
Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night
Render me your work of art
Sink your fangs into my heart

Regal lady of the lake
Do I dream or do I wake?
Ever am I in your sway
Whether near or far away

Her lips are sacred
They speak in silent whispers
To me, and through me, to you


Upon my brow a sacred star
Tracks of tears like streaks of tar
Upon my eyes a veil of mud
But I can feel you in my blood

Eliminating all my reason
Her knees on my hands